Alloy Steel Winco

Heat Treated, High Tensile Alloy Steel for Maintenance and Machine Repair

Electric Furnace Grade Alloy Steel in Small Heats for Superior Quality Control

WINCO is a well balanced machinable alloy made to strict specifications for maximum efficiency under extremely hard usage.


  • Superior grain structure and chemical properties proven to reduce “down time” on your equipment.
  • All bars delivered machine straightened and stress relieved.
  • Uniform hardness provides machining ease and speed.
  • Typical hardness range is suitable for most applications. Other hardnesses can be obtained with further heat treatment.
  • Contains slightly higher content of nickel and manganese for more machinability and wear resistance compared to standard 4140 alloys.

Physical Properties

Tensile Strength: 160,000 PSI

Yield Strength: 135,000 PSI

Elongation in 2″: 20%

Reduction of Area: 60%

Hardness: 28-32 Rockwell “C”

WINCO is stocked in Hot Rolled Heat Treated, Hot Rolled Annealed, Cold Drawn Heat Treated, Cold Finished and Rough Turned conditions.

Please contact Wingate Alloys with your specifications.