600 Heat Treated Pipe

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A Tough, Abrasion Resistant, Hardened Steel Piping System for Coarse Material Handling

WINCO 600 HT PIPE offers superior abrasion resistance and is one of the most cost effective wear-pipes available

  • Induction-Heated & Quenched ID
  • Outstanding ID Abrasion Resistance
  • Impact Resistant OD
  • ID Hardness — 600 Brinnell
  • OD Hardness — 250 Brinnell
  • Diameters available to 40″
  • With or without flanges


  • Extend system life up to six to eight times or more, depending upon application.
  • Reduces maintenance repair costs by lengthening replacement intervals.
  • Service temperatures up to 450° F, maximum.
  • Accepts many of the common coupling methods used for mild steel pipe.
  • Elbows, Laterals, Reducers, Tees and Wyes with similar hardness also available.
  • End attachment alternatives include flanges, weld rings and couplings.
  • Fabrication services for end preparation available for ready-to-install condition.


Mining: Tailing Lines
Power Industry: Fly Ash/Bottom Ash Disposal, Coal Slurry Transport
Pulp and Paper: Wood Chip Movement
Foundry: Sand Recycling


Sizes: Diameters from 2-1/2″ to 40″ NPS
Wall Thickness: Standard to Extra Heavy
Pipe Length: As required, up to 50′