Coke Plant Steel Service Center

Material Needs:

  • Full Service Steel Distributor


  • OEM Replacement/no Existing Plans
  • HD Laser Scanning Capable


  • Provide Solutions
  • Improve OEM Design
  • Increase Life Span


  • Meeting Unbelievable Deadlines
  • Experienced With Exotic Materials

Misc. Fabrications

  • Tar Skimmer Tank
  • Coke Guide Racking
  • Mast Guide Support
  • Battery Hot Car Trunion Mount
  • Champaloy Chutes Wi Brick Liners
  • Crusher Liner Plates
  • Tension Plate & Side Plate Liner
  • Leveler Door Operator
  • Trolley Wheel With Bearing Assembly
  • Track Wheel, Shaft, Keeper Plate, Bearing Block Assembly
  • Car Cab For Transfer Car I Cab Support Structure
  • Coke Spillage Drive Station